Six injured in JHB train accident
March 30, 2016
RAF Agreed On Quantum As Being In The Vicinity Of R3.6m
April 12, 2016

Claim Settled Over 200% of Road Accident Fund’s First Offer

Our client, Ms. D a professional nurse, was looking forward to her retirement at age sixty three , when she became the victim of a head on collision when the driver of an oncoming vehicle, lost control and hit the vehicle that she was travelling in as a front seated passenger.

She suffered traumatic injury to her right knee but not a fracture. The initial injury began having an effect on her and her work performance. We were of the opinion that she should be compensated for two years loss of earnings and promotional prospects as she could have elected to work until age sixty five and the reports indicated two years early retirement.

As our client was still working the Road Accident Fund refused to pay her compensation, initially offering a mere R5000.00.  After getting a liability concession and appointing experts to prove our case and a lengthy battle with the Road Accident Fund and its Attorney the Court award, inclusive of interest was R1, 004, 944,98 together with an undertaking to cover any future medical costs.

Our client was ecstatic to receive the award for future loss of earnings and can look forward to her retirement and financial security of both her pension and the Award from the Road Accident Fund.

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