Contingency Litigation


Campbell Attorneys has special emphasis on contingency based litigation and regularly take on both personal injury and commercial disputes on contingency. Contingency fee litigation is where a law firm agrees to take on a matter with its fees for professional services being contingent or conditional on a favourable result. Commonly described as no win no fee.

We assist plaintiff’s sue the state and accept matters revolving around tenders and issue of non payment and breach of contract.

A lot of law firms have no desire to take on the risk associated with contingency fee matters. But we are willing and able to share the risk associated with litigation with our clients. In the right cases, we agree to be paid for our services only if and when the litigation is successful or in the event of settlement.

If we do not add value for the client by obtaining a recovery, then there is no fee for the work performed.

Some clients, typically smaller companies, simply do not have the resources of larger and better funded adversaries much less the state. That should not keep them from protecting their interests. Good claims should not be abandoned because a client does not have a large litigation budget.

Even well-funded companies have litigation budget constraints. Contingent-fee arrangements permit any company to aggressively pursue claims in a way that enhances its bottom line, by taking the legal fee out of the equation unless there is a recovery.

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