From homeless to home owner with a bright future
April 12, 2016
Perseverance wins against RAF obstinacy
April 12, 2016

Injured child given hope for brighter future

Master C.G was a young child when he was struck down by a motor vehicle and suffered a head injury. The injured claimant was the middle child of three and living in a single parent home. They were in a desperate situation with their survival dependant on his mother selling trinkets on the side of the street or charity. The Road Accident Fund however refused to compensate him. Eventually the matter was settled at court for R1 400 000.00 plus an undertaking to pay for all medical expenses After receiving the payout, with our assistance, Master C.G purchased a home and has been seeing an occupational therapist. The balance of his money has been invested. From having no hope the future is now greatly improved for this little boy.

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