Matter settled at R3609 295.00
April 12, 2016
Appeal tribunal finds that injuries are serious
April 12, 2016

R3.3 Million financial security for future of family

Mr. M. came to South Africa a few years ago to take up a new job to support his family who he had left behind in Zimbabwe.  Finally things were looking up for the M family.

Then, tragically, Mr. M passed away in a motor vehicle accident one evening in 2010.

Mrs. M. was distraught.  Not only had she lost her husband – she was unemployed and now had to take care of herself and their 3 minor children alone.  Desperately seeking help she contacted the Pretoria office of Campbell Attorneys.

We immediately helped Mrs. M. to lodge a claim with the Road Accident Fund but they refused to pay.  Summons was then issued against the Road Accident Fund from the North Gauteng High Court.  Reports were obtained from expert witnesses including an actuary’s report, eventually the Road Accident Fund conceded and a settlement was agreed to in terms of which the Road Accident Fund paid R3.3 million to Mrs. M and her family.

Although Mrs. M. and her children can never be fully compensated for the loss of a father and a husband, we were able to ensure that their financial future is secure.

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