From herd boy to unlimited opportunity, our persistence changes this client’s life
April 12, 2016
From homeless to home owner with a bright future
April 12, 2016

Attorney delays for 12 years and client gives up until we take over the mandate

Mr. P.M a 30 year old pedestrian had a brain and orthopaedic injury. He had a bright future before a speeding vehicle turned his life upside down, he had completed matric and it had been his intention to study further but due to being the breadwinner of an extended family, he had been working as a security guard. After accident he struggled to cope. He initially gave his mandate to an attorney who advised him that he had no claim, after having had the file for over twelve years.  Mr. P.M then sought our assistance. Campbell Attorneys took over the matter and in a short space of time have settled it for over 1.4 million rands. He now plans to stop work, invest in a business and take care of his family.

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